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Monique Speaks on Rosanne Barr” You have a Friend In me” …

Monique said that Rosanne supported her past tv late night  show, The Monique Show  when other big names did not ,Then she said that she will not throw her away because she is unapologetic, about her still staying on her message of her Black balling her and Oprah standing by and doing nothing.

Now we are unsure of what the motivation was for Roseanne to say what she has but she has no support from anyone but Mo on this subject.  Even Tom Arnold has said on record she said it likely meant what she said based on her ways.

Monique spoke on why we should Forgive Roseanne Barr

Mo unique said she had bad offers as if she jumped off the Greyhound Bus, she also said her x manager was a racist and she was told she was wrong at the time but two weeks ago she admitted she was a racist and Mo unique did not release her name because of African American women are being underpaid and women are being underpaid she was also on a comedy tour at the Improv Comedy Theater,  as she has always kept working in comedy clubs across the country.

Roseann Barr, was canceled as far as her only from her own show she claims she is not a racist in recent interview on FOX news, with Sean Scarborough recently on July 26,2018.

Roseanne is on damage control in a interview on July 25th she said “Donald Trump and I are not Racist!

Her rating through the roof and she is devastated based on what has happened and she claims she sings now and she was stupid for doing the national anthem was the worst in history next to Fergie’s all star performance bomb.

Like Monique, Roseanne Bar  has been “blacked balled” for making a joke in her words she claims she knows who she is and she is not a racist, because she said what she said.

Why has the world changed- to the point people are sensitive to the point of no return today we are looking at the situation and thinking but why did she say that well it’s Roseanne Barr!
She even said Donald is not racist either lol


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