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Monique Drags Oprah for her Leaving Neverland After Show

Monique has been black balled and after she told Oprah to Suck her D$^&* we all knew she did not have any love for Oprah Winfrey, she and many more have banned her and cancelled Oprah out from their TV watch time and do not agree with the Neverland one sided documentary which did not include anyone who did not agree with the Jackson accusations made by Wade Roberson and James Savechuck.


Credit ability is just not there for the accuser Wade Roberson who has cashed in on the dancing techniques Michael has taught them and also the lifestyle they led while visiting Neverland.

Monique Worldwide YouTube podcast channel is a show her and her spouse host she comes on weekly to discuss topics she cares about and ring true to her character and also topics no other main stream podcasts are speaking about. Monique did not understand why Oprah with her riches accomplishments her tv shows charities book clubs and also Oprah TV Network she owns ..would dare to  go on a the HBO documentary  without vetting her story Jackson was acquitted of the charges in 2008,

Monique has had the same thing happen when her brother and mother went on the Oprah Show about her own older brother molesting her when Monique was not ready to tell that story publicly had her family go on her show without Mo’Nique so now there is a beef between them. Mo’Nique also went to say Tyler Perry Lee Daniels and Oprah are all in co hoots together.

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