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Minneapolis Police Station On Fire After Protest Goes South

Wrongful Death of Another Black Man" I Cant Breathe"

Minneapolis -George Floyd was killed by a policeman who used his knee to choke the life out of Flloyd a good samaritan was able to tape what happened moments before Floyd was not resisting so why was the cop sitting his knee on his neck on a hard street?

Prosecutors request patience in George Floyd criminal probe - New ...

Police as of late have now had aggression towards black people which often ends more than we would like to report. Eric Garner sold cigarettes and died being choked too many cops were piled on one Black man.

A Blackman and a teen we have all seen what happens if the wrong cop arrests even a woman of color even black children are not immune to police brutality and now even wrongful death, Rodney was able to survive after being beaten with Vuitton and kicked in the face.


Bay Area law enforcement unions release joint statement regarding ...

An Asian cop was seen on camera just standing there as Floyd begged for his life and even calling his mother the cop had his knee on Flloyd neck for 7 min and he later died of suffocation.

A protest has broken out and riots and looting occurred on 5/29/2020 the police station burned and other small businesses nearby affected by COVID-19 and struggling to keep their business open after the pandemic.

As protesters burn Minneapolis police station over death of George ...

George Floyd’s girlfriend spoke out about the fire and the riots in Minneapolis because of her slain boyfriend. The protestors may have not been responsible for the fires and not all protestors were involved in looting it is Mayhem in the state capital and Police and protestors are masked smokes and darkness cover the city all because a cop was allowed to kill an innocent man and no one stopped him…


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