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Millionaires Overnight Gypsies Curse of the Kardashians Conspiracy

People say Sex Tape Made her who she is today. We are not slandering this is public information

Kardashian Facts on Twitter:

The tape she made with Ray J was would make her famous the whole family is riding the fame of this tape of sex with her then-boyfriend the tape was leaked. The problem of it all he is a Black man dating a rich woman who may dabble in the dark arts. the iconography of her but she is a slut let be honest he wanted Kim Kardashian when married to her x husband Chris Humphreys this alone is a curse for coveting another man’s wife. African American men who view his break down is an issue because of the mediums Kim visits on her show and the rumors that the family of women as witches?
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Its to each to its own on that rumor let’s remember that Kanye got up on stage and said i got the girl i wanted and blah blah the point is we can feel bad for him this is what he has always wanted. The industry is full of beautiful women ugly women and he chose KIM out of all of them knowing she was cheating on her man to be with him !!
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There are a lot of videos on the internet that speak to this and if you want to learn more watch our broadcast on Youtube debuting on 5/30/2020 @ 8pm! 
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The father of the Kardashian’s died years ago he was a lawyer and this is one of the reason they have the wealth and name recognition also let’s also talk about the sick stuff going on with Kylie and Tyger who lets their daughter talk to a guy that young turning her out its just sad that besides the show Chris Jenner has lived a lie with Bruce becoming women he has not had the surgery but he looks like a woman and is dating an African American man just like his x wife so maybe they had more in common than they thought with all that being said this family has a  lot of diversity and it started with the sex tape none of the girls have talent at all so this makes it more interesting because the only one who actually has a career is the young girl’s Kylie’s cosmetics is a knock off brand that steals ideas from other makeup artists Kendall has a legit career as a model so things are working for them. 
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Why is it ok for Kim to date an African American man and not her brother its been rumored that girls are telling Black Chyna trademarking their name would put a damper on their brand what is really going on these reality tv girls think that their ways are the standard get real all of us are humans and no one is perfect. 

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