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Michael B Jordan and Jonathon Majors Backlash “They are Emasculating our Black Men” Controversary of Ebony Cover

Who is Michael B. Jordan dating?

Amber Jepson

According to reporting in The Daily Mail, Michael is currently dating model Amber Jepson. Their relationship is still in a pretty early stage, but they’ve been on a few dates together and are reported “really keen” on each other.

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Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey are done. So now there are stories he is dating a new Caucasian girl which he prefers according to some of the top gossip blogs like Media take out and likely Bossip. We are not here to tell the brother who to date, if it makes him happy who are we to judge?

Tessa Thompson, co-star on Creed 1-3  is his on-screen wife. Thompson an accomplished mixed raced British African actress starring in Westworld an HBO Series, Marvel superhero in movies like Ragnrrock and Thors Love and Thunder which we thought would be about Thor and her did not happen we hope in the future Thompson will be able to fall in love with Thor instead the Sylvie’s Love actress may have preferred the love and attention of Micheal B Jordan this week she and Jordan where slapping on the PDA’s is this an act or real?





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If Michael B. Jordan is dating Amber Jepsen why was he All Over Tessa Thompson at the Creed 3 Premiere?


In the last two weeks we have seen Michael B and Tessa Thompson (Bianca) doing their press tour for Creed 3, is it possible he and his co-star are playing it up for the cameras? I believe Michael B,  and  Thompson are secretly a couple she is no longer dating Janelle Monet so it is plausible. Tessa Thompson may not be interested as she has been open about her sexuality.


Michael B. Jordan from nerd to Sex Symbol

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The Corny Kid with the headshot clowned for his name in school Michael Jordan who plays not Basketball turned into the Sexiest Man alive, L’oriel rapper now podcaster/ journalist had the nerve to say he was the nerd in school things went left for her now that things have died down regarding his response people have shifted their attention to Jonathon Majors and Michael B Jordan’s strange photo shoot where they are hugging and laying of Majors head on Jordan’s shoulders!

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Michael B Jordan , has the whole package, he’s handsome successful and to be honest he’s rather intelligent and interesting if you listen to him speak he has a very appealing personality and seems to be a deep guy.







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Jonathon Majors and Michael B Jordan’s Brotherly Love. Roland Martin Blasted for his Cognitive dissonance

Michael B Jordan has been called out regarding his PDA with Jonathon Majors, many are divided some are concerned they took the oath. Michael B Jordan is not only an actor, now he is a director there was a concern he did not like or want to date black women once he did they all said it was a fake and a relationship set up by Lori Harvey’s management.  After Lori moved on Jordan was busy at work on his own debut of Creed 3 this time without Rocky Star Sylvester Stallone.


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