MGK Diss Track : Rap Devil -Sometimes things are too Good to be True

Now now… Marshall do not cry it’s okay this weird guy has stolen our hearts and minds but he he came back with Kill Shot in less than a weeks time!


Sometimes it is about being real but what if being real gets you into trouble ?


Machine Gun Kelly Vs. Eminem

Machine Gun Kelly, was a independent self made rapper who went from rags to riches but he never had the push like eminem at the beginning he built it all from a Youtube channel and it worked he now is signed to Puffs label but he never asked for Puffs help see eminem is not a Gangsta .

Eminem,is known for his raps about his mother and hating his wife he keeps going back to..

2018 Interscope Records star studded event

The issue is there is a problem when you do not write your own lyrics so a lot of people are concerned that “Rap Devil” Unlike Kill Shot was not written by Mgk but all of Eminem’s tracks are written by him so in the streets eyes Eminem won this round.

Machine Gun Kelly, was on the Breakfast Club and Charlemagne ,had the nerve to say Rap Devil was better when Kelly did not write his own raps.

What is your Opinion we would love to hear it ?

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