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Method Man Speaks on Wendy Williams Shady Ways and Karma

Method man exposes Wendy Williams in a Interview 

Wendy Williams,the famed celebrity radio host shock jock speaks on Method Man’s wife and it was not pretty what he said …

Puffy got her fired in the past …… Eric Sermon also spoke on this same type of reporting that made her career. 

As a radio host there are some host’s who report the news and also dig for dirt Kiss 97 was were she started to break ground and it moved to what we have now Hot Topics. 

Wendy is a shock jock and she has taken that with her to TV but isn’t their ethics in journalism even as a modern day Joan Rivers but Rivers was a comedian a lot of people think Wendy is okay to watch at times but lately its been hard to watch she forgets names of people she just spoke about and she puts her own speculation in the air she spoke about method mans wife and she was sick at the time now Wendy may not think its so funny now…

Also Judge Mathis came to the table on a past radio interview were he told the the world he did not do cocaine or sleep with the woman who made up a lie to put things out there.  

Strike Two Ignorant we did not report this is public information watch here 

Rolland Williams also went off on Wendy Williams as well and said she as well as Stacey Dash need to read and understand what she is reporting. 

He also informed her of ignorance of not knowing that the NAACP was founded  by African American and also anglo Saxon so there are some issues with her consistency of reporting is also off base and she should be quiet.

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