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Meghan Thee Stallion Female Rapper on the Rise

On the Come Up!

These days all we see is the same old stuff people are upset about the lyrics and the mumble rap but because we have social media we come across a lot of music these days even on Instagram and Facebook one girl has made a name for herself her name is Meghan the Stallion she is smart yes she goes to college and about to graduate too  so there’s one stereo type blown out of the water!

Who is Meghan the Stallion?



Best known for  cuts like Neva Eva “ and now she has a few new songs  Like  her   newest  has  been on   fire  fans like  she  doesnt sound  like  the  anyone  else… Megan  is  a breath of fresh air as of recent Essence invited her to perform she has been having a great year and her popularity is on fire right now.


Megan Thee Stallion performs “Realer” and “Big Ole Freak” on Kimmel: Watch“Realer ” just released and one of them has been on the top of Billboard she’s beautiful smart  she has bars and she writes herself she is a double threat -Meghan  also wears fun colored hair and outfits to die for and she is  not plastic so it makes it more exciting to see this girl rise on the come up!


Megan is from Texas where everything is big we expect great things for Megan thee Stallion she is bringing something that a lot of rappers today just don’t have is originality.Interviews with the likes of MTV Vlad TV and even Joe Buddens Pull up podcast on Youtube he has remastered his career and he is sort of a hater but he did ask her on so we are warming up to Joseph…

Sway in the Morning Interview she made it more on her as we get more details remember to tell us your thoughts on the new Queen of  the South  Megan thee Stallion!One of the latest interviews a dumb man asked her lace front of weave and she said


” NO comment she was nice about it though its her business and why dont they ask Ariana Grande that question sheesh.


Megan thee Stallion is now  signed to 300 entertainment she is currently on tour her next stop is Oakland California she is no longer a indie artist but a signed artist to a major label.

Fans believe that Meghan exudes  female empowerment. In our opinion she is a natural talent she can write and produce her own music besides the music tracks she named a lot of rappers like Remy Ma and she has said she wanted to work with your girl Nicki Minaj but now that she has become even more popular people seem to take her words and run to the media and change them up for clicks and views.

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