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Meek Mill and Jay Z say The Time is Now New Music Label Launches “Dream Chasers Records “

Did Meek Mill Join the Illuminati?

Meek Mill has had a lot of good things happen his case thrown out and we wonder if Jay and his associates and partners pulling strings?


The  case that has reigned in bad luck for Meek Mill is now being appealed and some of his crime issues have been erased when you have friends in high places what did we expect but is it because the same luxuries are not afforded to black males who are put into the system for a minor infraction are given 5-10 years probation is prison reform  the goal  for  Jay and Meek ? we will see…

Meek Mill popped a wheelie and then became incarcerated for years in that time he lost Nicky to Nas and he also far as we know the contract with Rick Ross ran out some say the deal was not that great in the first place so what now for Meek Mill?


Dream Chasers is a subsidiary of Jay Z Roc Nation some believe that its all been planned that the whole get out of jail saga was to hype his release and his album there may be some secret Nipsey Hussle  records and this is why the deal was made also on the strength this is a new label accepting new artist.

One of the things that concern us, is that Rick Ross has admitted he is apart of some kind of secret society make sure to watch the video podcast and listen to our Podcast for more details. Jay Z has now signed Meek Mill will this mean that his music will change only time will tell.



Now with all that being said… the Streets are talking and some think Meek Mill is in the big game now the Illuminati rumors started flowing in like a tidal wave so we ask ourselves is all this too convenient or is money power and respect is money and power that you get as you scale up?


Now it is not me saying this its the streets all we do is report what we hear so all this is allegedly but here are some concerns as to why listen to the podcast to learn more about on Ear to the Streets Radio only on Radiotubetv streaming radio station.

Read more on news about Jay Z’s Reform Partnership and the NFL and Colin Kaepernick’s response to kneeling.. is Jay out touch because of his money? 


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