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madonna accused of sex trafficking and banned from Africa ...


Pop Star Madonna Accused of the Unthinkable

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Madonnas Sex Trafficking Accusations Go Viral 

Madonna singer entertainer and Pop Star, has been known for her burlesque shows in the early 80s and her flamboyant personality, Madonna, has been going back in forth with Rapper 50 Cent and also female reality star turned rapper Cardi B, Madonna had the nerve to say needs her tribute because she was the first to be provocative in secular music she dates young black men.

We are not here to talk about her love life or Madonna’s success in the music industry sad, to think the material girl has some shocking accusations of child trafficking adoption reversal, coming to the surface from 2015 now back to expose her in 2023.


Will Madonna’s latest Malawi adoptions fuel child-trafficking? | South China Morning Post

Madonna also was married to Guy Richie the movie producer/director, linked to Dennis Rodman, and also doing some questionable things on TV wearing outfits that looked like she is some witch. We aren’t here to talk about her appearance we are here to discuss the allegations. Many artists like Madonna have shown their ritualistic performances as art some say it is more than that, Candace Owens also reported on Madonna after we had broke the news, stating the pop star is an alleged pedophile.


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Is Madonna the Kabbalistic Queen of the New World Order?

Madonna has been banned from adoption in Kenya and Malwai by the Ethiopian Goverment

The fact that Madonna had adopted a black child made me think.  After Madonna had adopted a child of African descent we saw Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock adopt it as if the children were fashion accessories. I also felt it was nice of them to use their wealth to help those in need. I am not saying it is wrong for them to adopt it is wrong to use these children if the charges are not accurate it is sad that anyone would make accusations of Madonna’s kind heart and goodwill towards these orphans. 

“Wow that’ s nice! she is giving that poor child a home, a life he would seem foreign and yet… unknown, now that David is grown up”

 Malawi’s President stepped in to get involved. Reports are that there was gross negligence in the Popstars adoption case from the biological mother, she did not agree to give up her child.

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera to investigate Raising Malawi and Madonna herself. The petition asked Chakwera to “restrict her and her associate’s accessibility to Africa and African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is concluded, into child trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, the threat of coercion, fraud, deception, and abuse, e of power or vulnerability.”

Coronavirus | “Mantente a salvo”, el mensaje de Madonna desde su aislamiento social en la bañera ...

The most shocking is there was never a time there was a proper Background check by The adoption agency on Madonna. 

Madonna was exposed in 2015, Ethiopian government in charge is very concerned Malawi President, yes it did go that far. Why is it CNN, CBS, or NBC touch this story?

Your guess is good as mine when you have friends, in high places. Life just isn’t fair, I will say that Madonna doesn’t surprise many The idea there is adoption reversal and trafficking concerns me now the fact no Background checks on people from America when the adoption took place. 


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Reddit Users reported our post Asking for our Madonna accused of the Unthinkable post should be removed…

Following our post on Reddit had some fans, who made it seem as if some spelling errors diminished the clear message that if allegations rule out the safety of children who are a part of Raising Mawalai may be in danger. 

I found a video on Breitbart’s post via Madonna’s Instagram page kissing and groping a younger girl, it is possible the girl is of legal age. Madonna’s Book ” All About Sex ” is enough to raise eyebrows. 


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Could it be the largest corporations are in cahoots with Madonna either knowingly or unknowingly well only time will tell here are the major corporations that back Madonna and her associates who are standing accused of crimes against children. The charities she is involved with are twofold Raising Mawali Orphanage. I was not aware of orphanages still existing in this day and time, to be honest.

Companies who support Raising Mawali and her other charity

Synchrony Financial
Bank of America
Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Pitney Bowes


Image result for Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera. Size: 105 x 113. Source:

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera to investigate Raising Malawi and Madonna herself. The petition asked Chakwera to “restrict her and her associate’s accessibility to Africa and to African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, the threat of coercion, fraud, deception and abuse of power or vulnerability.”

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Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera (born 5 April 1955) is a Malawian theologian and politician who has served as President of Malawi since June 2020. He also serves as Minister of Defence per the Malawian constitution, he has served as the leader of the Malawi Congress Party since 2013.

Madonna has yet to respond to the allegations, she is not hiding she has been active on Instagram and she was also seen recently on the Grammy Piers Morgan had some words for her appearance stating she should act her age and dress as such.


No Filters Needed? Left-Wing Activist Madonna Looks Demonic In A New Private Video – Reveals A ...


The petition reminded Chakwera that Malawi’s penal code bans “indecent practices between females” and inducements for children to behave as such. Madonna’s controversial 1992 softcore pornography book SEX was presented as evidence that the singer is very interested in promoting such practices. The petitioners felt that book alone should have been enough to block Madonna’s ultimately successful effort to adopt Malawian children in 2006.


it is said it is easier to adopt a black child than any other race according to many who deal in the black market and open market of child adoption. We are sad that children are being used in this manner if the reports are true which in her case she better hope she is not as we get more details on this story we will update this post and create new reports on this no child should have to be abused or mistreated or exploited.

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Stay tuned we will report on the Epsiten List keep in mind we are using sources of this news from trusted news sources Make sure to comment below do you think the accusations bear some truth or is this a smear campaign against the Material girl Madonna?

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