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Love and Hip Hop NYC Season 8 Episode 4

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Love and Hip Hop NYC Season 8 Episode 4

Review of LHHHNY

Hit  Next Page to Watch the Video in its entirety, make sure to become a member and enjoy new radiotubetv news and tv reviews plus more Love and Hip Hop NYC has Remy Papoose.Kimbella, Joe Budden, Erica Mena, Sarafee, Yandi, JUJU and Cyn Santana and many more cast mates that you should watch find out what the majors do on their turf and reverve engineer.

Love and HIP HOP NYC was were Cardi B was originally from before she was famous!

Read more Below and watch Season 8 Episode 2 up next free make sure to comment on the episode show us some commentluv!

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