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Young Ma Burns Promoters for $30K Large Guns on Video We Want our #@#$@ Money !

This is nuts they are mad about this money ! Is it right no… this is wrong its sad to say a women has all this heat for cheating some regular people who have $$$ he even has a gun and said he wants his money  New Orleans this man was mad so now all of sudden they are saying that Young  M.A. has stated it was a set up she had to make a video about the promoters who are ranting and they are acting like they are going to kill her the bad part is that the goons are making videos about Lil M.A claims the driver came at 3 am but they could have went right why wait for a driver stupid !
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Sorry but how is the car a reason not to show up for the fans i would’ve ubered or used Lyft !
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