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Liam Neeson Goes on Good Morning America to Say he is Not Racist

Good Morning America Interview

Liam Neeson has said too much in his recent interview he said he was looking for random black men to beat up because his friend was raped. Now we do feel for the women who has since passed away. The actor did try to go on Good Morning America to clean up his comments he insisted he was not racist.

🔴Liam Neeson 's Acting Career is Over Like Mel Gibson ..Racist Comments

Remember what happened with Trayvon Martin was gunned down for walking in a alley and happened to look over a fence then George Zimmerman killed the young boy even today we caught wind of a viral  video of a policeman who was also white who beat a little girl at school three men on one little girl. -it is not okay for this to be said Liam Neeson has a lot of fans in all walks of life as a African american women i will not be watching his movies.

liam neeson wife Natasha Richardson
liam neeson wife Natasha Richardson

Just months after the movie with Viola Davis and she felt that she was kissing a hunk i wonder what she thinks now? It is sad to say that even “Whoopi Goldberg “said he is not a racist which is a matter of her  opinion. So when the news of Liam Neeson came out it was sad its almost like some of the racist who try to hide it in their old age they tell the truth just like Quincy Jones did until his daughter came to clean up his words. Listen to our podcast below to hear more about what happened or watch our full videos plus other trending news topics of the week.

Liam Neeson clarifies controversial revenge remarks: ‘I’m not a racist’ | GMA

Cold Pres suit

Liam Neeson has been in some great movies  to date so  it hurts us that he has said from his own mouth he wanted to Kill Black men he also said he talked to a priest and did some power walking and he believes that he doesn’t need more counseling what Liam Neeson did was racial profiling, but if he likes being that way what can we truly say?

Good morning america interview

He did say he racially profiled African american men 4-5 x’s then he caught himself he then said he grew up in the “Troubles” where people were killed because of religions in northern Ireland which i did not know was going on in the 60’s but the interviewer said he didn’t ask about height or weight.

Liam Neeson did go onto Good Morning America and try to do some damage control but since then his new movie he is promoting did not want to do a red carpet event for the Premiere based on his racist statements he made he started a conversation about when he goes into his roles he goes into dark places now he has been taken from his success over his own mouth so what do you think about Liam Neeson’s comments is it over for him?

Liam Neeson says his ‘horrible’ feelings shocked him 01:40 … America” to clarify his comments and deny that he was a racist, the damage was ..

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