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Liam Hemsworth Filed Divorce papers Miley Just Cant Be Trusted …

Hollywood Divorce

If your interested in the reason why  actor Liam Hems-worth Filed Divorce papers read on to see why but here’s what happened with Miley and Liam’s relationship, I wasn’t surprised that they broke up.



The couple dated for years and now they are no longer together now lets be real there has been a lot of blame being throw ed by both party Miley claims Liam drank too much and was always out on the town partying a lot but we all know it must have been on the down low this is the first many heard of it but he is young at least he is not twerking on TV lol.


Miley was caught kissing Kaitlin Carter Brody Jenner ex wife and this is the reason our boy Liam had to kick miley ass to the curb.


Miley  also has been caught kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger in 2014 at the time she was with Liam. Amid rumors the two are dating, Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger were caught kissing at a USC vs. Berkeley football game Thursday in L.A.


Miley was also caught kissing a Victoria Secret Model in 2015, she was off and on with Hemsworth .Liam has had a rocky dating life and lets be real if Miley was stepping out its possible Liam was as well but her PDAs out run his cheating by miles …

Miley was spotted kissing Benji Madden again she was with Liam Hemsworth her now soon to be ex husband he should have settled for a strong women more mature and not in the industry.


Miley didn’t know or care she was being photographed kissing a women who we all know Liam Hems worth was not aware of…. sources close the Hems worth confirm that Liam had it with Miley. the couple has only been married for a mere 10 months and already headed for divorce.

She makes it seem as if she has this boss chick  I don’t give a f#### attitude.and to be honest a lot  of people are not surprised it did not work out between them.

Remember when she did that performance with Robin Thick well she was engaged when she did what she did and Robin Thick, and his wife later divorced.


Our theory may have had nothing to do with her but it sure seems strange that Miley would go and kiss another person publicly, that was leaked to the press and now her husband is no longer interested in her immaturity issues.

Miley may not need a man like Liam but we are sure another will respect the union more than she did sorry to say but sometimes fame doesn’t equal to true love.

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