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Leaving Never land Accusations

Leaving Nederland HBO Documentary, is very explosive and it is a two hour presentations. Compelling content but it was about the voices of the accusers just the two people not legal experts people who did or didn’t believe their story. They swore under oath they did not get molested. Victims who kept quiet are not the type of testify on the stand he did not abuse them as children and after he has died a decade later now they say they were lying because they were children.

Questions many have about Leaving Neverland and past accusations

Why did they allow them to be alone with Michael Jackson at Never land Ranch at 7 and 9 years of age alone without parent supervision. We just hear from the victims only not like the documentary of Surviving R. Kelly and now that Michael died his music will be removed from radio stations based on the bad press on Michael Jackson and HBO is being sued for 100 million they never reached out for comment before creating the documentary.

Estate and HBO disparagement clauses were written in to stop any libel or slanderous comments against Michael Jackson and his legacy of music, the Jackson’s are furious and have sought to sue HBO.


Wade Robertson is a dancer and also has dated one of Jackson’s nieces. Steve Save chuck said their were bells that would go off if someone was coming in and you had to get dressed without making noise.

If anyone found out his life would be over and your life would be over. We do not know if these allegations are true or not so we just want to put that out there we do not have any reason to say we know these statements are true or not.

Some of the people are saying they will not support Michael Jackson Music either but Elvis married a 14 year old this was something Jon Murray brought to the table in a interview reaction of Leaving Never land the Jackson’s can’t address why he had a bedroom in many of the photos and also why the child was left in Michael’s care for over a year. We cannot assume this happened because we do not know people say it was fame that made this happen if it did happen at all.

NYT”S Wesley Morris  a writer went on CBS in the morning, he also spoke about Leaving Neverland Accusations on the HBO series the man who speaks on it has many people concerned about the MJ Man in the mirror or in hiding ? We have heard that he settled out of court with the accusers why did he pay them was it to keep them quiet or just to silence their storys with a NDA agreement.Is it possible that if it is true that we have to separate the actions from the man and the music.

Michael was alone with the kids for a sigificant amount of time. According James and Wade then men said that even as a child then knew that Michael knew it was wrong but we have to say Michael is not here to defend himself.

Could it be possible that the boys admired Michael and now he is dead they want to sue because he is not here to defend himself.Michael Jackson is a famous artist who was started at a young age, we have to ask ourselves why is it that we cant understand that we worship musicians actors athletes and political figures were their sins are washed away with a letter of absolution in our minds not in reality.



Michael Jackson’s nephew defends him and he claims he saw holes in it and lies he also knows Wade Robinson as a kid he claimed he knew, Wade and he didn’t want to believe it at all. He was the star witness and Wade was very young. The interview was on ITV with a good journalist told Jackson’s nephew that he cant say how a victim react’s when abused. He claims MJ was a child at heart.


Michael Jackson was investigated twice and his estate earns a lot of money the children are his estate.There is a appeal going on right now Wade and James Savechuck are trying to sue the estate.

Speaking to ITV News, Taj Jackson, claimed the two men who are making the allegations against his uncle are lying and are motivated by money. After seeing a clip from the Leaving Never land, Mr Jackson said he has already “seen a lot of lies” within the opening scenes.

He said: “It’s painful because for me I see a lot of holes in that I already want to talk about.” Taj added it’s been “extremely hard” on Michael Jackson’s children especially because they have to go to school. “The truth is no one really gave our family the opportunity to speak out against this until it aired.”

Oprah Winfrey has been dragged and Cancelled Out Corey Feldman claims he is changing his stance his estate is his children not his family.Why is it that people dont want to believe it was asked on E! daily pop people are not speaking on the Michael Jackson because of his stardom and his impression he has left on us today in terms of music in our lives at weddings graduations partys and dances at school it’s sad but did we forget that jokes about MJ were always out there and rumors of his night time sleep overs which people say he was a Man child and tried to take back his child hood as a man.

African american’s and minority are concerned that Oprah have been putting down African Americans and running after the scandals that put African American men on the outs Your Media Channel had a concern that Gayle King or Oprah are disrespectful to black women on national TV  many people refuse to watch Oprah after the After Leaving Never land Show which was a talk show about the Leaving Never land Documentary. Bill Cosby convicted after decades and is sitting in Prison his awards taken away and his Star of Hollywood taken back is it fair for this to happen when American adult magazine owner Hue Hefner had a Brothel and a  magazine allegedly and has had a large massive property of a party style home for celebrity’s the Playboy Mansion.

Oprah and Gayle have been said to promote white supremacy even though Oprah has made alot of movies in the past people believe both women are working with the same agenda to destroy black men what are your opinions of this subject.

Seven claims were from one child so other count’s, are from three other kids its hard to talk about because we want to love what Michael gave us not the man he may have been behind closed doors.

When Oprah Winfrey interviewed Wade Robertson who said he got a death threat last night she has been called a snake, garbage and people are not happy especially his fans.Michael Jackson nephew has been on tv and blogs interviewing him.


Oprah also did admit she will get it for doing the Documentary. Oprah did a interview with Michael were the bed was shown in back of a theater built in Jackson’s home. Oprah believes Wade and James, because she cares about them and believes them she claims she wanted to help these men tell their story’s.

Channels on YouTube have made videos about Oprah urging people to cancel and bann her shows

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