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Katt Williams Arrested for .. Assault in Oregon

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Katt Williams Comedian/ actor , recently arrested   in Portland, Oregon he stands accused of beating up a man question is why ?

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Please read more on his controversial interview about Tiffany Haddish Katt Williams was vocal and unapologetic about Tiffany Haddish rise to fame Williams was a guest on a Radio show a few weeks ago and then come back to this article to see if it may have caused him to go nuts and beat up a man last year he was beat up by a man who put him in  a choke hold so now he is in the headlines again this time in Oregon!


What went wrong with Katt Williams?

Katt Williams

We hope he can find peace and stop the shenanigans off stage it’s a shame he was nominated for an award and cant even keep it together publicly when Williams , made a statement about Tiffany Haddish some  fans and onlookers did not appreciate his statements.

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Katt Williams , stands accused he still has to go to court if the charges aren’t dropped he beat up a driver we do not have any further details at this time listen to our radio station for more updates or Our Youtube channel to keep up with this story.


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Let us know your thoughts on Katt Williams and this new story about yet another alleged assault is this the secret society going after him as the streets are saying or does he need HELP?

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