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Kat Willliams goes in hard on Tiffany Haddish Comedy on air Live

v103 Interview Goes South Wanda in the Morning

Wanda from V103, sat down with Katt Williams about Tiffany Haddish and her style of comedy stating when has Being Ghetto ever been marketable?
Girls Trip did well but Katt Williams was not having it he claims the script was changed and he doesn’t think Tiffany deserves to be promoted the way she is because she is not funny he is entitled to him opinion.


Tiffany Haddish has movie coming out with Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy coming soon she is working hard so Kevin Hart did not care for Katt Williams hating on Ms Haddish Publicly on the Radio show.


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Kevin said while Katt Wiliams wants to sow seeds of doubt and down talk he wants to enlighten and bring up and encourage others not put negativity out about his sister..

V-103 Interview goes South…

She called him Lil Mama😅He told Wanda she had $12 worth of jewelry on and got to the sitgo right  now this was funny as hell!😂

Katt Williams was mad because of how Wanda said about him first then when he gave it back to her she got upset the tension was awkward then once Katt got down clowning her for her broccoli cooking she asked him about going to Jail!

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Tell us Your Thoughts is he wrong for having his own opinion ?

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