Kanye West- Sunday CHURCH Service EXPOSED It’s Not What You Think …..

Kanye West has a Sunday service and it happens to be located in Bethlehem California now you know your boy Ye had to make it happen with this clothing line and he has his daughter North West in the choir. Now it is not open to the public it seems to be a spiritual gathering as they attendees say What is Kanye planning now to make himself Yeezus or maybe this is good for him he is grieving his mother in this video i wanted to show you the other side of Kanye’s self therapy….if there is one.

rapper dmx HAS BEEN there Paris Hilton and i’m sure there is more to name is it wrong for him to start a gathering or is it for his own good ?

Kayne has exposed he wants to keep it going SOME THINK IT is a new age church some say it’s not a church at all more like a concert kanye has always been eccentric.

Dmx served as a preacher and Paris Hilton sang in the choir omg!

Kim Kardashian West also spoke out in detail about what the Sunday Service is and what it isn’t..

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