Kanye West Spiritual Warfare illuminati Conspiracy Theory

Life of Pablo Tour cancelled …. The connections are extensive people

The interesting thing is Kayne is Cluecluess to whats going on he can feel a type of way but coming at Jay man would have been better its time to start thinking of why now ! Isn’t it fair to say that you have played yourself first of all who gets on stage and embarrass another artist Sure i am not a Taylor Swift fan but i still think its Janky to hate another artist now hes Kissing her ass see what we need to think about is … Kayne was a big guy and became skinny hes like Buddy love right now when Eddie did this same character in the Klumps sorry this doesn’t mean cause he was  almost killed in a accident and came back maybe he suffers from the side of effects stress see being an artist doesnt mean he has to kill himself by doing but career suicide with Bey and Jay he has already responded via Tidal concert Story is Rumor has it Kayne owed millions for cancellation of the tour but he had to choice he called out the man who got him were he is… Never bite the hand that fed you !

Jcole has released a documentary and uses his mentor has a flow and its amazing but hey not all people like it and think it’s wrong for J cole to say what he feels but this is why i personally hate media because not all people are afraid to use art to put out thier thoughts when we all reviewed the track it was like a open letter and a advice driven flow not a bashing song but Brotherly love and feeling like it was a bad feeling to see a man go from great to .a ranting fool sorry we all can make as of ourselves but this was not as crazy as i have ever seen so while i noticed in the song percoept we mentioned alot of people become addicted off medication plus entertainers are known to use alcohol meth persrctipion drugs mixed with you know !

Kayne West has made an enemy was this really a mental break down ? We do not think this is easy to judge watch our broadcast on Kanye West and his rant in November 19, 2016. There is a issue with just saying it’s a curse from the Kardashian he did yell out I am God ! This is blasphemy Watch Now to see what Mr West said. Ear to the Streets Online Streaming Radio

Mental Hospitalization psych hold is this a way for Kim to exit left ?

The issue is that this is nothing new he better protect hisself and stop taken shots at people
at the end of the day 

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