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Kanye West Has Ruffled Everyone’s Feathers Again

Canceled for his Anti Semitic Comments On National TV and Online 

Kanye West Reveals He Gave Kim Kardashian $250 Million Stake in Yeezy

Kanye west said he and Kim may be divorced but they will always be together, word on the streets is that he gave Amber Rose $700K to not speak out about his private dealings he did not want out in the media.

Kanye has not been kind to his ex going on radio stations saying he had to take a thousand baths after he made love to Amber Rose, after parting ways she has done well for herself and also trying to keep it cool with Kim her competition ,  lets be real Kim Kardashian West,  is famous for her sex tape and being with Black Men and having a big booty whether it is real or not well that’s not my expertise. 

Kim Kardashian, a reality tv star and also porn star, now business women owning make up products and also other shapewear that even Kanye had a hand in creating.

Now Kimberly Kardashian is worth $8 Billion dollars more than her father was worth as a attorney, she has no talent in the entertainment sense though on  Kim has had appearances on shows and movie cameos SNL Tyler Perry Movies and other media appearances including Ellen DeGeneres and Late Night with James Corban a United Kingdom Late Night Host who came out of nowhere just as the Kardashians have instead of Bravo they are on Hulu their personal struggles and lifestyle and relationships are a corporate business even marriage to Kris Humphries and Kanye West!




What Has happened to the Old Kanye? 

The old Kanye West is not the man we see today he has changed for the worse he has forgotten who he is he has become a man who will do anything to upset his own people now with statements like Slavery was a choice and also Harriett Tubman was not who they say she was and now he claims that White Lives Matter he also spoke bad about George Floyd Death by Fentanyl which is not the factor of his death he died from not being able to breathe, the truth is most arrest should be quick unless the arrestee is fighting back he was not assaulting these men so why where they so hell bent on doing this tactic to a man who had no gun did not fight back?


Kanye and long time pal Conservative,, Candace Owens WLM T- Shirt Made everyone mad

Kanye’s words and assumptions where very disrespectful he not Candace Owens let alone me have a law degree so why the hell would we need to say anything about the investigation and truth be told the police officer is in jail for his death so why is it that he and Candace Owens think’s this is okay?

It was kind of strange the same things he said about  George Floyd death seemed as if it was a script…

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Candace is married to a European man from Britain her children are going to be mixed raced and as a black women who will have a child who shares African American blood she should understand they will lead a different life than her that is to be seen but to be clear she is a black women it seems kind of of odd she would say another mans death is not because the Police where cutting off his air for a long period of time. 


I have known women of other races like Candace Owens hard working likable women smart and ambitious, she is entitled to her own opinion as all of us are and to be honest it doesnt bother me at all it bothers me that other people of our own race would use our pain or another’s to gain popularity they are already popular. 

Candace claims to be Yes friend what kind of friend would create a show about calling your wife Kim Kardashian in Candaces words is  a prostitute’ what kind of friend is that?


Now I will give Candace Credit it is not fair Ray J has to think about being blamed when there was a contract signed to get that money and also garner the attention through her new show Keeping up with the Kardashians via Bravo with Ryan Seacrest at the helm it seems kind of of weird that every man that these women get a hold of have some kind of mark on them to fail or some will call the urban legend of the Kardashian Curse.

KIm and Kris Caught Lying about Alleged SeX tape Leak

Kim Kardashian West  cried on Kardashians New Hulu Show is this real or not ??

Truth be told we all have freedom of speech until it is defamation of character or events that took place to say this it would mean that his death was because he was assaulting the police officers we all saw body cam recording it was sad end to a arrest when the man was non violent.


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Kanye ” Ye West, has been losing deals Left and Right Including his Lawyer… 

As of Late Johnny Deeps Lawyer has cancelled her retainer with Kanye, it may because of his Jewish Comments or his multiple rants where he seems unstable and erratic manic and bossy and often rude,  him crazy for speaking as he did on Drink Champs, and also on Piers Morgan ” Uncensored on Sky News his new  show, he admitted it was not for all Jewish people but on the people who wronged him in business, so is it about your people or not Ye it seems as if your being very narcissist and using black pain to further your own agenda. 




Piers Morgan Interviewed Andrew Tate, which he called him out and tried to make Tate change his mind about what he was saying Catch it next on our blog!


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I will say he does have a point White Lives matter or is it they have always mattered and not ours the truth is the Trump Presidency did drain the swamp he showed us what people thought of the government
Once he got with Kim his music was wack then his mother died and he fell off the deep end his homeless fashion show and of course the Yeezy’s where his best invention yet he has now had deeper issues with the Anti Sematic comments and he also had the White Lives Matter shirts and the Funeral he had for BLM.

Should we Really Care what Happens to Kanye West, when it seems as if he has Talked himself into a Hole? 

We all know that Kanye West is now Ye ” cancelled from Adidas Barcileonga and Chase Bank has also cancelled Ye West, he also has become very dirty looking the last time we saw him with his teeth in he looked like he needed his hair cut and some bath.

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