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Jonathon Majors Domestic Abuse Case with His Girlfriend After Ebony Cover Humiliation Ritual

Actor, Jonathon Major is a black man who is in Hollywood and has two motion pictures Antman 2 and  Creed 3  starring Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson from Westworld, and Ragnar Rock. Why is it that every time we turn around the powers that be have to emasculate, humiliate, and made to obey the hidden system could it be a couch or a ritual that keeps stars shining in the multimedia limelight or is it a play-on-game the common folks like you are not apart of and oblivious to?

Marine Corps took down the ad for Jonathon Majors as soon as the news broke we question why this occurred we know Marvel and DC are not from the same franchise look at the difference in the way a  black man is treated versus a younger Jewish actor like Ezra Miller who has been arrested and in our of court from child abuse endangerment and drug abuse public drunkenness and he also chocked a fan on sight because she said something he did not like sure we know Army Hammer was taken off his movies for sexual assault.

Robert Downey Jr also had some issues in the past and he rose to fame as Iron Man, because he is not a black man we can’t compare this story but we can’t say it is fair the way some things are for people of the black persuasion.

Johnny Depp was removed from Pirates of the Caribbean and has lost his chance of being in the next movie which makes no sense since it has been proven his abuse case was reversed after Amber Heard made a fool of herself caught lying with makeup and staged camera events of Depp upset banging cabinets.

Jonathon Majors is married, his wife allegedly attacked him he choked her because she reached for his phone to examine his direct messages from women. Industry insiders claim this is known about the actor Majors of course let’s be honest a rumor could have been spread to tarnish his image. It is a benefit for his fan who is black to blame it on the system or the fact he as a man has to carry his own faults on his own back.  Accountability for your own actions is very important, if Jonathon puts his hands on his wife white brown, or red, he should suffer the consequences of his actions.

Reactions to Jonathon Majors, Domestic Abuse Case Across Social Media


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Reactions to the promo photos of the film were strange, because they were not promoting the film in their character they can be seen leaning on one another and people are asking if is there a hidden message.

Cam’ron has been canceled because of his statements on Social media and there are many more like Corey Holcomb we also have Umar Johnson sounding off on what he thinks about the whole situation and the snow bunny situation which is Umar’s way of saying he is with a white woman. I believe marry and date,  who you want and respect the vowels you took in marriage.

As we all know this always happens when a black man advances in the world, someone or something takes them down, and it could be the so-called powers that be, could it be just an unfortunate event that has been amplified because he is a man of color other than white man of power. The question is what is going on is a private situation had he not been famous this would just be another incident of domestic police call.

Jonathon Majors has been accused of zesty photos on the Ebony cover to pander to the powers that be for his humiliation ritual according to the blogs he has a history of violence according to his Yale classmates who perfectly placed their stories in the media for clout and connection to the very famous Jonathon Majors. Rumors has it, Jonathon has always been aggressive now this is just coming out.

Jonathon Majors shocked the world with Photos on Ebony Cover 

This statement above is all allegedly we have made sure to post the many videos and receipts to what people are saying online it is not us stating this because as an actor it could be possible that sex has nothing to do with it as Roland Martin said they are just showing love to one another which Black men are not in tune with. I personally do not agree with that observation make sure to watch our content to hear what are objective observation is on this whole ordeal. Jonathon Majors like any man has the right to date who he wants and be who he wants in this world because he is a black man its big news when he does anything excellent following a negative headline of him hugging Michael B Jordan and then showing up in a jacket that looks nothing like the roles he has played as an actor Love Craft Country and also Creed 3 and Antman Quantomania. he is not that established as many of his counterparts in the acting world his climb is very chaotic. to spark controversy we find he defended his masculinity stating he doesn’t get why everyone is bothered by it.

Does Lovecraft Country Series Hold a Conspiracy Theory of an Illuminati Ritual involving Jonathon Majors?

Jonathon Major is very talented and he is African American and a Yale graduate, his acting speaks for itself he was also on Lovecraft a famous writer whose books were adapted into an HBO Series, it can be viewed on Tubi TV not sure why it could be the alternative way of making an esoteric sci-fi horror series it does star Journey Smollett whose brother has made himself a fool with his hoax that is still be talked about today. In the end, Jonathon’s wife has recanted her story, and people are still wondering what happened in that Uber ride.

Police coercion has been rumored to be heavy when it came to questioning and detainment of Jonathon Majors after the incident broke it was revealed he called the police and she was the aggressor In the fight allegedly majors choked his girlfriend as she sought answers after she went through Majors phone.

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After the incident, he has lost some of his management and the media has been quick to judge him publicly.  Majors is set back in court on June 3, 2023, in relation to domestic abuse.  Is it the big black man narrative beat me up getting old could it be that often it could be a bother party or one responsible party got out of hand and at the end of the day it is a person that decides to hit or abuse their partner is a personal problem not a race issue this is why many African American blacks are upset about the narrative.

We can’t say we watch Crazy In Love with Rapper Blue Face reality star Chrisean Rock because toxic love is what some would say is the everyday life they wish not to share so why is it this man is being crucified for an event that should have been private?

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