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Joe Budden and Cyn Santana Breakup

Joe Budden Denied Break up Spotted with IG Model

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana LHHHNY will they get back together?


Cyn Santana started out dating Erica Mena they broke up then it was Joe Budden its okay ladies sometimes we just can’t decide but at the end of the day she looked happy and so did Joe Budden but just the other day they unfollowed each other and we haven’t seen any movement so we can assume they are not together or is this just something they did to make us wonder?

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Joe also has a son with Cyn Santana they also star on the show together Love and Hip Hop all was well but now we are left with the question is it over now? Seems like Joe and Cyn were unlucky in love and had a baby she was his fiancee but what happened to change their union?


Is Cyn Santana not marriage material for Joe or is it the other way around? Well, they have denied the break-up but we have to wonder was it that they decided to unfollow each other to keep their relationship healthy?


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Joe was spotted with an IG model weeks before reported by Hot New Hip Hop, we will give you full details of the allegations. Nowadays women found out as Tiny did with TI when he was seen on a video slapping a video vixens butt.



Cyn Santana Said Black Men Cater to Latina Women

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When I look at a Puerto Rican or a Dominican I believe they are mixed raced some are just as black Americans but things are changing and now that Cyn Santana has had a baby with Joe Budden, not Tahari she is getting wordy and this happened all on the podcast with Angela Yee.


Before we get into my commentary and news report I wanted to inform you I live in Arizona and well women are not all black here our numbers are low here in Yuma growing up women were not liked as much as Mexican girls even all my uncles decided to marry and have children outside their races I came from a mixed family and my husband is mixed raced too Italian and black.

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