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Jim Jones and Cardi .B sited in Tekashi69 Trial

Now we all know Tekashi69 snitched but now he has gone too far seems like our old rainbow friend is not a loyal dude at all he seems to be a rat and now he is using his art skills to speak on everyone and anyone First, Gangsta rapper now FBI informant, Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi69,  was about to face 20years+ to Life in prison  for his involvement in money laundering not to mention kidnapping and a slew of other serious crimes.



The second thing that happened was he spilled the beans and now two of his closest goons are now been indicted as of October 2019 soon after the news of Tekashi turning on his friends aka gang members then the audio surfaced of Jim Jones being wiretapped.





Could it be that Tekashi was never a gangsta and Tekashi, was pushed to something he really did not want to do because he was in big trouble?

Tekashi referenced Jim Jones and also Cardi B this is shocking because he was so famous and he is snitching publicly with no shame.

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Cardi B
Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Event, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 May 2019

Before 69 was arrested he was worth 4 Million he was about to make even more money from his shows and sales but with all this snitching according to those who were fans think his career is over how can he come back from it when his whole career was based on his relationship with Trey way? 



The breakfast club and CharlemagneThe God interviewed 69, just before he was arrested and taken to the pinta some say he was probably an informant the whole time but many think he did all this telling to take the heat off of himself.



Tekashi spoke on Jim Jones but there was already a wiretap on his phone so the audio in the video presented in this radio report does include public domain information during the audio there was a statement about violating the rapper because he purchased protection.

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