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Jermaine Dupri Unkind Words About Female Rappers of Today

Cardi B Nicki Minaj Respond

Was Jermaine Dupri Wrong ?

Cardi B had an immediate response why because he bluntly said that the Popular rap is about what’s between their legs and having sex and getting money and that is  the end of the song.Now it seems cruel … was it wrong?




On an interview with People TV Dupri   when asked about his ” Favorite Female Rapper ” he did not have a favorite rapper and they all talk about the same thing they don’t show whos the best rappers and its strippers rapping and a story about ” dancing in the club” and it goes on and on. Remember he was asked this question he did not volunteer his opinion.


Why do women need men to validate them ask Missy Elliott the question or Timberland who has worked with female rapper or Baby from Cash Money records aka Young Money. It is kinda true in a mainstream function  of radio.


Jermaine Dupri has worked with the Da Brat and Lil Bow Wow and Kriss Kross TLC and Mariah Carey and Xscape the all girl R&B group who still relevant today.


Dupri claims that the female  rappers are mostly strippers and he claims it has no substance  but It kinda made us wonder does he have his ear to the streets or he has a old school preference in rap.

Nowadays we can’t hate on the artist’s who are not like the old school rappers- believe me,we agree  at the end of the day it isn’t right we agree with her but why is it so much hate for her whereas men can talk about sex drugs and rock n roll when women cannot.Cardi was right fans do not want to hear about love and cooking and taking care of the kids it’s a stereotypes We love all music.


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Cardi BFashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Event, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 May 2019

Cardi B claims that no one wanted to hear “Be Careful “she stated her fans asked “What the Hell is This? ” the issue is that fans don’t want to hear that from her and she came back rapping about her P#@% again because that is not the people want to hear and sex sells for women the end.


Cardi B vs Black Bloggers

Cardi B admitted she is in it for $$$ and she even shouted out other rappers stating people don’t promote  indie artists and uplift them for being talented. Hip Hop and Trap music is male dominated and if your not big ass and fake titties and talking about sex many women get overlooked like Young MA who had some viral fame but

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