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Jay z Under Attack for NFL Partnership

What have You done for Black Social Injustice Lately ?


Jay is under fire for a partnership with the NFL and let’s be honest there’s more to it than Colin  Kaepernick  kneeling we have moved past that …many of the blogs and pod-casters and commentators have done nothing they have done for social injustice and mad at Jay when he has already told you who he was let’s be honest with ourselves.


Since the announcement was made many are divided on their stance but at the end  of the day We do not believe Jay sold out and here’s why


  • The NFL has been said to be racist and for this deal to happen with Jay-Z should have been a historical event but haters are quick to say “Jay sold out “the social injustice side of the deal will help with crimes committed by African Americans and also introduce new laws to protect black Americans.

Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case was settled out of court we are all aware he has not been asked back to the NFL, as a quarterback he was the face of the 49ers team and for Donald Trump to say go back to Africa was super crazy our president used his name on repeat putting th narrative out that Kaepernick was racist and not an american so the spin doctor president has created his own fake news.




Kaepernick’s friend in the kneeling has went back to the NFL but because Kaepernick was a quarterback leader of the team the owners of the NFL seen this as a silent but deadly move and due to that year long kneeling the deal that Jay has garnered is because of Colin Kaepernick sure we should be upset that he is not playing but to blame Jay-Z for this own work in the black community is wrong.

Putting his money were it is needed most … but we really do not know what is in the deal so we will do some digging and like Dame Dash said in the No Jumper podcast look” i do not know what is in the deal”.. Updates on this story as we get more details at this time we also caught wind that Colin has spoken out.



Jermaine Dupri Speaks Out About NFL ATL Deal + JAY-Z Controversy 

Jay has also done a lot for families like Trayvon Martin  parents have  been offered a doc series about the fatal night Trayvon walked into the same neighborhood as George Zimmerman and he lost his life .


Eric Garner who was choked out by cops funeral costs were paid for by Jay-Z. Many rappers are rich and still do not give back so this doesn’t mean they are bad people some people are givers some are takers.Jay has donated to Africa,Nipsey Hussle and donated 7.8 Million to end world poverty after raising and giving money to causes that affect the minority community what have you done lately to help anyone ?

Jermaine Dupri could have never attained a partnership which included social injustice let’s not get it confused — sure.

Jermaine may have been approached for a deal for half time but let’s be honest Dupri does not hold the same influence of the people as Sean Carter AKA Jay -Z has.. We doubt the deal offered as for social injustice plus Jermaine does not reach the same audience today..who would he have perform the DA Brat Bow Wow common now people don’t believe the hype he didn’t steal the deal from Jermaine Dupri.


Jay Z did boycott the NFL and he did this publicly and then other stars followed suit.Jermaine Dupri claims Jay called him told him not to do the NFL deal but let’s be honest it was not the same deal as far as we know.

Kaepernick has settled with the NFL League for an undisclosed amount which he deserved. Kaepernick, also  has had a Nike deal and Arizona’s Governor Doug Douche ..Dousey , claimed Arizona did not need the Nike jobs or 100 Million Nike plant if they listen to Kaepernick right off the hills of the Betty White Nike shoes did not  work out.

Maybe people are expecting too much from a ex drug dealer rapper who just wants the bag. Tell us your thoughts on this topic and it will be read during our new Live TV every Wed and Thursday as we recap the news and hear from you directly.


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