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Jay-Z Has a Secret Daughter Reveals She Has DNA Proof!

Roc Nation Management

Jay-Z famous for being the rapper turned to mogul and owner of a streaming service and also as of recent he has now started his own management company Roc Nation.


Jay-Z was the underdog rapper but now his fame and fortune have surpassed many rappers was it Jay-z ‘s entrepreneurial spirit and his partnership with the most successful black women icon Beyonce Knowles who was a member of Destiny’s Child now that things have been aired out in the public the Becky with the good hair Leon made and now this new shocking child no one knew about!


28-Year-Old Woman Alleges Jay-Z Is Her Father - BlacGoss


Taking to Instagram, Macer – whose Instagram handle is @jayzfirstdaugher – claimed that the 50-year-old businessman, married to superstar Beyoncé, is her biological father.

“I’ve been quiet for far too long!” the caption reads.

There have been rumors that Jay has a grown daughter he knew about but because he became famous he was never able to be in the child’s life because she already had her own father. Beyonce has two twins  Rum and Sir a daughter Blue Ivy, the HIP HOP power couple eldest child, The girl’s name is Latisha 



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The internet has not been so inviting to this estranged daughter of Sean Carter and has now made claims she is just ” Chasing a big bag of money from Jay but the truth is is it anyone business to speak on what she truly wants from a man who never was there. Online trolls also spoke about her mother lying because she is now in a nursing home suffering from cerebral palsy it’s sad that onlookers cannot allow Jay to handle the issue privately and also said the mother who is terminally ill has to be spoken about in a negative manner.



In a Facebook post, Macer’s sister, Terry Turner, gave more backstory to her sister’s claims. Turner wrote, I know the STORY FROM start to finish, I hooked your Mother&father up YEARS ago”.


Jayz-First-Daughter-Terry-Turner-Macer-1024x576 (1)

“Jay asked me who she was when I lived on 500 sides Greenwood Ave! We chilled in that Apartment so many times, we laughed, drank, smoked, played card, and some more.”

This isn’t the first time someone has stepped forward claiming Jay-Z is their biological father.


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Back in 2018, a man named Rymir Satterthwaite claimed that Jay was his father and said the rapper has been avoiding taking a DNA test for years.



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