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Jay-Z & Beyonce and Diddy Have Been Exposed Their Ex Bodyguard Confesses Dark Deals Made to Take Out..

Did Jay and Beyonce go to Epstein Island?
Beyoncé Jay-Z and Diddy’s ex-protector, bodyguard Uncle Ron, has come out online saying that Beyoncé and Jay and Diddy’s secrets will be spilled like hot tea because he is under investigation for what we are still trying to figure out what the Carters have done to cause law enforcement to look into them as an entertainer it is shocking, to say the least. As a fan of music and a singer in my own time. I always admired Beyoncé, music She did dance in her videos and sure she did have symbolism which we all thought or wanted to think its just art she is doing something new and fresh again but this last few records in my opinion that she promoted have been cool, of course,” I think she has a unique sound, that hasn’t changed the songs lack the It factor she was known for it is like she is a rapper one minute singer and also a lady of the night she speaks of some questionable things that have us all on standby each time with all those 666 signs, along with the alter ego Sasha fierce she talked about openly on Oprah. I just don’t know what to think, in a way I didn’t care how I feel that based on all these allegations it has me thinking the things they say about her could have some truth to them.    Jay has been accused of so many things and now the Biggie Hit along with Sean Puffy Combs, has been mentioned yet again back in the day this was a common rumor that Puff, had Biggie taken out the problem was I couldn’t even conceive of believing that allegedly happened but now with Gene Deal and Uncle Ron and many others who have said some wild things, security detail along with the motive that Biggie wanted to Leave Bad boy, Why was Puffs artist in Los Angeles after the death of Pac?  Jay just seized the moment right after the death of Pac and Biggie he was the rapper who we all listened to he also used Pac’s songs to sell more records and also expanding his portfolio he owns an NBA team now he has a deal today with NFL, flashback to the Song Me and My Girlfriend with Beyoncé, they got married had children made even more money, the rest is history, till Uncle Ron and Kanye started talking sure we heard Damion Dash say Jay is a snake because he couldn’t keep prospering.   Jay wanted to be the owner and the rapper and it appears that Mr. Dash just can’t let go. Jaguar Wright Johnson a soul singer for the roots and an artist who did an unplugged version with Jay some say it was the cover from an original artist truth is she could be upset that she feels that the artist who played ball made the deals with the so-called devil got the fame and fortune and longevity she didn’t is she like many others just hating on Beyoncé and Jay or is it obvious they are not who we think they are?     

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