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Jamie Foxx Clone Conspiracy Theory

Jamie Fox has been going viral after his unfortunate medical emergency while on set on a Netflix movie starring Cameron Diaz, and all of a sudden he was rushed to the hospital. There  have been many people online saying that they cloned him just like the movie “They Cloned Tyrone”  it seems far fetched to some, It begs the question to ask  did they really replace him because soon after photos online surfaced with him looking drastically different sometime we all change when we go through a traumatic medical event.

Jamie Foxx’s Struggle with Migraines

jamie foxx: 'My eyes are working fine!' Jamie Foxx opens up about health  scare after hospitalisation in an emotional video - The Economic Times

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx has been open in recent years about his battles with severe migraines and the impact they have had on his life and career.

Foxx has suffered from sporadic migraines since his 20s, but they became much worse in his 30s. He describes the headaches as “horrific” and says they would often last for days at a time. The intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound made it impossible for him to work or even get out of bed.


Jamie Foxx Seen for First Time Amid Health Battle: Everything We Know |  Radiotubetv

Jamie Foxx latest appearance sparks controversary

“The migraines would come out of nowhere and just drop me to my knees,” Foxx told Men’s Health magazine in 2018. “The pain was excruciating – it felt like hot needles were piercing my skull.”

Doctors were unable to pinpoint the exact cause of Foxx’s migraines. Contributing factors may have included stress, diet, hormones, and a concussion he suffered during a basketball game in high school.

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Desperate for relief, Foxx tried all sorts of treatments over the years – prescription medications, Botox injections, acupuncture, meditation, and more – but nothing provided lasting relief. The migraines started impacting his ability to work and forced him to cancel appearances or drop out of projects.

In 2017, Foxx’s migraines were at their most intense. While filming the movie “Robin Hood,” he had to wear a darkened visor at all times because he was so sensitive to light. He says his co-stars and the crew didn’t understand how severe his symptoms were.

Jamie Foxx Biography: Early Life, Acting Career, Best Movies, Personal  Life, and More


“I was really struggling. My migraines were so bad they were hampering my acting. Some people didn’t believe they were real,” Foxx said.

Finally, after decades of searching for a treatment, Foxx has found some relief through the use of infrared saunas, working with a nutritionist, staying hydrated, getting massages, and taking supplements. He says he hasn’t had a severe migraine episode in over a year.


Jamie Foxx gets critical health update after medical scare

Foxx hopes that by speaking openly about his migraines, he can encourage others suffering from chronic pain to keep trying new treatments and not give up hope. Though migraines are still a challenge, Foxx is grateful to finally have found a management plan that allows him to live his life more fully.

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