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J Lo and Alex Rodriguez are an Item

Just Months,ago it was all about Drake Now it’s all about someone else .It was not like Drake was her man right !

 It makes you wonder what was up with all the public displays of love and kissing since the photos of the Russian big booty chick coming out we have not heard anything since.

It is easy to understand why it did not work after the cryptic message, JLO Texted out “timing “next thing you know it’s a new man but hey that is Jenny from the Block for you who would blame her she has been with Casper Smart,  who  now has made it to the silver screen and she needs a grown man and Alex is that man for the time being who knows what will happen.

Now all of sudden there is more to this date they went on even his sister has been gushing about Alex and JLO it makes since both Puerto African and both pretty!

We wish Alex and Jenny the best !

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