Is Tara Reid Getting High Again?

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Tara Reid’s Slurred Speech Raises Concern During Live Interview Promoting Sharknado


Tara Reed had a interview with the Today Show promoting  Sharknado and she was pretty crazy she barely, even allowed the people to speak who were hosting the tv show, now this is just our own observation poor girl face could hardly move she rambles and she cant even hardly talk she was slurring and shiny as hell.

Now Tara Reed, was very famous back in the early 90’s, after her botched surgery we have not seen much of her and this latest promotional tour she has started needs to be rehearsed she was all over the place during the interview you but the judge.



Tell us what you think is she High or just happy to be in a movie again?and to be honest it doesn’t matter truly, we do not judge but shouldn’t you wait till after the show?


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