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How to Promote Your Music Like the Pros Do !



You need to take a inventory as to were you are if you do not have a team
Lets talk  about how to do this solo. There is more to just being an artist than just promoting music in a effective way. First lets talk social media and how to work towards building a two way conversation not just one way conversation.Everything does not need to be me, me, me Lets talk about material and making the best of your time start by creating a blog about your genre and trending news in your local city if this is not for you share articles of interesting topics.

Our goal for musicians this year is to pay it forward and give free tips and music business education on marketing and promotion work hard play hard you need to focus on branding you not the copy cat of the last picture you saw online,

Create a motivational channel if your the positive type who knows what you can do if you put your mind to it, it’s hard to say what can or cannot happen, if you do not try then nothing will happen some artist’s do not understand there is a formula and its not spam.

Don’t think you cannot create a web series about your daily grind you can this means you are engaged with your fans each step of the way it doesn’t mean it has to be a real life story put some acting into the scenes if you want to many artist;s have been themselves like Machine Gun Kelly did this and look were he is today Taylor Swift Justin Bieber to name a few.

if you just want to post,  what your doing each day use snap chat story’s and also use IG this is something to think about, Pick one and run with it by posting pictures of snippets of new beats your working on for your music this can introduce you to new fans some artists do Live Cypher’s you do not need a label you are a label you are the product do not lie to yourself.

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