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How to promote Your Music Independently

If your looking to promote yourself online do not spam and let us help!

on  our site Radiotubetv Live we promote indie music and mix tapes plus videos of all sorts but you probably wanna know how to truly promote your music brand and today our hope is that this  post will give you some tips and best practices in attaining 1000 True fans.

Lets Get Started!

First lets talk about free marketing tactics that will in time produce  engagement!

One thing i noticed a lot is that i get a lot of links but many artists want you to upload their music because i am a radio host and the one person who has to keep our station afloat I know that i do not have time to manage musician’s or upload music.

Make sure to add your own music and brand effectively you can take pictures and use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Spark to brand in a original way.

Upload your music to a Facebook page and release other post’s related to your music genre or start a daily blog about yourself or host a news channel you do not need to be just music you need to be mindful of the fact connection with your fans is the key to success.

Network at one event per month online offline

The issue with many talented people is they think Beyonce,  didn’t have  to work hard yes she did now we all know having a support system help’s a lot but at the end of the day not all will become famous maybe doing what you can locally may be a good way to start!

Have you ever noticed an artist who is major does have a team and guess what its  a large team of people who attain radio station interviews public appearances
this is also accompanied by TV show appearances magazine interviews …

If your looking to promote your music independently on Sound cloud,Instagram and YouTube you want to be successful  but do not come off desperate and stop spamming that’s so 2006″

Let your music be the focus..

Create original music or get someone else to write your songs and lease beats or pay in full there are no excuses these days Question is do you want it bad enough do you care that you should be 80% business and 20 % Music well this is how the music industry works or there would not be one to talk of at this time we want you to think about where you are in your career?

Business is always going to come first, so if you have a album..Question is

– Are you creating assets ? –

 Meaning Still Image videos promotional photos, 
Are you planning your premiere video be real with yourself not all musicians think of  planning a release 9 weeks ahead- of that time

A video promotional plan is also important did you know major artists like Justin Bieber buy views ?

You  will need to build a channel of assets a website a blog and also- were will you spread the word about your new record ?
If you think its’s Facebook then you have it all wrong …
I hate to see musician’s make these mistakes but this is why some make it planning execution.

Are you  just hoping and praying that with no planning your going to blow up?

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