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How to Launch a Independent Music Single | Part 1 Planning

If you are new to promoting globally this is the article written for indie aspiring musician’s , we are pleased to provide the common practices of launching a  Independent Music Single while we cant provide all the steps in every area each person situation is different we aim to provide a checklist of area’s each indie artist should learn the process of building a audience of loyal fans. 

 awareness for the new artist so before we do too much with other categories. Let’s take it one step further with providing the truth about launching a record. 

Plan ahead….

Who is your publisher  ?
You will need all the royalties you can collect you can also crowdfund to raise funds for your project you will need sound exchange since all that you will do will be 80% online.

A major label artist promotes their record even a year ahead of time launching a single along the way they also are seen on talk shows movies  radio shows or commercials this is how a person stays fresh in your mind.
if your like many artist’s your looking for loyal fans who will come to your shows and engage with you on social media you do not need local you need internet promotion by blogs websites videos this may be the missing piece to your marketing plan.

If you have not read are article about how to promote professionally we will be expanding on this on our live site  join as a free artist account get played twice per day. 

Many artists have a tour of planned to radio stations talk shows this is why if you watch an artist before and during the time of  the buzz you will see them at public events concerts commercial tv shows.

What Major Label Artist’s do to Build Visibility as an established brand.

if you  have a good agent/ manager placing you  in high traffic tv shows and any other platforms  which  accomplishes the goal of  putting awareness out there about your music .

Mix tapes are free so how do people make money ?

Think of it this way and artist can create a free account upload a track that is free build a buzz and come out with a paid 3 song EP while still giving out monthly content or a consistent schedule keep in mind the artist can create a still image video of each track and get paid royalties and ad sense we could go deeper we do not have the time here so listen to Musicians reporter for more details … 

 This means there is a chance some not all will buy in the future your music is a product do not forget this but it does not mean create a song that sounds like a advertisement…. Unless your paid for it ! 

For as little as $100 you can get some views to your You Tube channel and drive traffic from social posts with related topics this is were a publicist comes in some today think social media management is the same but its not it lacks the personal connection a brand have to have established before dishing out money make sure there is a goal that is attainable to the other party. ‘

In the past when we first launched our service on Fiverr it was a client who started off well repeat buyer great feedback but then he was given a new product which is our Artist Video Promotion Package we opted out in the coming months we launched a new site. 

Use the internet to create a buzz 

  • Artist Reviews of your music on You tube 
  • Artist Write Ups Free and paid 
  • Photo shoot 
  • Press Tour 
  • Concerts 
  • Music Video Planning and execution
  • Rinse and repeat depending on your niche of music some artists start podcasts and also DJ on the side or just keep making music 
Make sure to create a website about the same style of music that influenced you if this is not your lane maybe you can create  self observed website but we have seen some artists use two sites as a way to connect with fans and add a new listing on a new site using Reverb nation is okay -wouldn’t you rather be…. the artist that has your music played on a intro of a  talk show or promoted on  a radio station ? 

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