Hank Azaria Reveals Origins of His Simpson’s Voices


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If you do not remember him as himself Hank Azaria is a man of many faces and voices in Mystery Men and he also stars in a movie called “Along Came Polly” starring actor/ screenwriter Ben Stiller were he is a scuba instructor who sleeps with Ben Stiller’s wife.



Hank is not a shy man and yes he looks very sexy in the movie ooh sorry back to the Hank he is very talented able to change his voice on and off camera theres something interesting about this modern day ventriloquist with cartoons acting as his puppets he makes it seem so easy!

Hank Azaria is a actor comedian and voice over artist he has been on the Simpsons forever!

As a man with many voices he actually speaks about how he started in voice overs in a interview


Alexander Leonarte Deviant Art
Hank Azaria is the man of a thousand voices, and most of those voices appear on the same show.

Simpsons fans will immediately recognize the characters he voices, even if they did not realize that the same man was behind them all: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Jonathan Frink, and Snake Jailbird. In this video, Azaria explains where he got the inspiration for the characters’ voices, as well as describes some of his early career.

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