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Good Omens Amazon Review

Tv Series You Should Watch

Watching tv series have become more popular nowadays if you have Amazon Prime,you will find some great movies to watch just with the Prime TV  series ,also with the series its available now to stream as long as your a member of Prime tv,  including in other apps that are on the monolith website that sells just about everything under the sun.

There are other series we will tell you more about we can compare to the game of thrones but for now let’s talk about “Good Omens “it is a great series that you must watch the show is “witty” funny and its “addicting to watch ” It makes you wonder what god’s plan really is even the angels did not know but what makes it funny is that both angels are doing wrong in the eyes of their own legion wether its godly or the fallen ones there are ranks of bad angels and what’s funny is Crowley meets with the good angel and they remain friends within the sands of time …Bothe angels are doing as the would own will it seems ,Crowley or Azir Pahel, never age and they can jump through time i think the writer of this series needs to talk to Dan and dave from game of thrones the series is amazing when it comes to the costumes the comedic scripting is hard not to laugh at the elaborate things done in this show are to be seen not just spoken about

First Episode  of Good Omens an Amazon series 

The series stars Michael Sheen and also     the series starts in the garden of eden bothe angels speak as if they are not on opposite sides one Angel  is named Crowley yes after the warlock Aleister Crowley saying his name and writing of it may give me nightmares — he is the dark angel a demon and the other a angel from heaven Aziraphale his hair is colored white and he gives the sword to Adam and Eve to protect themselves as if the garden of eden was heaven on earth now they are  in major danger due to the harsh life of toiling just because they at the fruit and guess who made them do it Crowley!



The child born is the antichrist and switched with a politician’s wife who gave birth the same day the child’s name is Adam and he doesn’t know the power he possesses the issue is the child must not become evil or armageddon will end the world .


The mystery behind whether or not the boy will be evil is pretty questionable later they find they were not with the right boy the baby was switched to another couple so the child they thought was the fallen ones son satans son was not the boy they thought he was.



There are witch hunters and also espionage like moves being  made in this show so it is very interesting its worth watching and if you don’t love it then you don’t know what a good series is!





it’s not going to be easy because bothe angels try to be the good and bad angels on the child’s shoulder question is what path will be tread upon is the question…


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