Game of Thrones Fans call David and Dan Dumb and Dumber

Dan and Dave Lose Big on GOT End Game

Game of Thrones fans is nothing to play with during the finale season 7 of Game of Thrones Comic-con of 2019  Seth Rogan who is an actor-writer stoner and with writing credits like The Simpson and Preacher the Comicon streets were laughing out loud went in on Game of Throne showrunners.

Dan and Dave did a great job in the beginning when source material started to run dry the duo lost favor fast with fans of the show the problem was the ending did  not make sense the characters arcs ended fast and fans were  making sweeping judgment that Dan and Dave just wanted to end the show like Thanos and move on to Star Wars series that would soon be written by Dan and Dave for the for Netflix

Comment Below if you think Seth went too far or were his jokes so good that Dan and Dave canceled due to the backlash.




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