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Former Minneapolis Cop Derek Chauvin Taken Into Custody for George Floyd Death

One of the cops who were responsible for the death of Geroge Floyd has been taken into custody as of 5/29/2020 the ex-cop Chauvin who was caught on camera killing George Floyd who was not violent moments before but based on the video footage the cops who were present may also be responsible for the death of Geroge Floyd serving and protecting does not mean killing a man because of his race or size and in this case, it sure seems like the police officers who were present did not believe that Floyd’s life mattered to them enough to save the man from his untimely death.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said Friday afternoon that he’d received information on Derek Chauvin was arrested by a sector Criminal Division of Apprehension as we get more details on the ex-cop who is responsible for the death of Geroge Floyd we will update it on our radio programs and podcast.

Barak Obama did speak out saying ” Deaths like George Floyd should not be normal in 2020″ could it be the rise of Trump hive mind thinking since the president came into office the rise of hate crimes and police

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