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Five Kids Arrested for Murdering Popular Country Star

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It seems kinda strange to think a child or even children would want to murder anyone  but today’s sad news is that there has been 5 children who have been arrested for murder!

According to the victim is a rocker who just performed days ago in a pack stadium now he is dead this is what we have learned so far about the murder of a rocker who seemed to be where he should have been.

Five kids are accused of killing a 24-year-old country music musician outside his Nashville, Tennessee home. Police claim that the kids tried to rob the singer, and things turned deadly.

Three girls ranging from 12- 15 years old and two boys ages are said to be 13 and 16 years old. The police have come forward and reported that Kyle was returning home and he was robbed by gunpoint shot multiple times able to get back into his home but later died from gun shot wounds. The kids wanted the keys to the truck when he declined they open fire we have no details at this time who was the shooter out of teens who were involved all five children may end up facing life in prison depending on the prosecutors this is such a sad thing to see no matter how famous a person is. Kyle Yorlets just released a new EP recently.

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