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Fenty Beauty Bronzer Backlash

Rihanna Pulls Product after Social Media Criticism

By: Camille  Nelson

Rihanna platinum selling  Pop music singer model and now business women  of FENTY BEAUTY FOUNDATION has fans and bystanders — this time it must have blown right passed us here because one day we saw Riri  was coming out with a new Geisha Bronzer next day it was  not going  down anymore so what really happened ?



Rhianna has great business sense and she is killing the game with her make up and lingerie line Fenty X
RIHANNA’S LINGERIE LINE -Rihanna at the launch of her new lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, on May

For the first time in history a women of color has actually started her own makeup line for all shades of colors not just for people who are african descent people love her makeup and it actually blends well into your skin lipstick body butter  lipsticks foundations that actually look like your skin.

Personally as a african american women i have to mix foundations to get my skin to look more like my own color prices start at $26 – $47 from what we surveyed so it is affordable and from what we can tell people are not complaining about the quality of the product  but nick picking at her for the name when Kylie Jenner has a gold grill on her lip kits okay…

The reason ” Cultural Appropriation” what .. well yes some how some way this new wave so sensitive people believe Rihanna’s Company has the  right to brand their items in the same way that other people get away with each day Kardashians may be behind it because Kylie’s Lip Kits and all the other items she sells seem like child’s play next to Fenty Beauty.


Fetishesizes JAPANESE culture when they have movies called Geisha girl and there has been many items eyeshadows lipsticks named after the same name i believe  rihanna is a good business women and she has take the release off the shelves do too the whiners.


Either way support your girl and try our Fenty Beauty products she also has a lingerie line in the making as well so hey what else could a girl ask for ?

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