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Faith Evans and Stevie Married!!!!

Stevie j and Faith Evans Jordan Married
Stevie Jordan and Faith Jordan Married in Vegas this last weekend privately!

Stevie J & Faith Evans got married and it’s on like donkey kong!

Faith Evans has been a long time so called friend to Stevie J he also is Godfather to her son with slain rapper Biggie Smalls aka Notorious BIG I am not sure of her choices in men but she has had  a tough time in love she had to share her man with Lil Kim and now she is at it again sorry Faith you deserve the best and if Stevie can change than go head girl!

Stevie J has a great talent but he has always worked behind the scenes with Puffy, Mase, and before he was on Bad Boy Jodeci is his sound a lot of people do not know that but it appears he does not know how to manage his money or his personal love life no one is perfect so we again wish them the best any day a person can change he cant go on forever cheating and sleeping around.

Now we all know that Faith made an appearance on the show #LHHATL after Stevie dated some other women he then started with Faith some people think its fake some say it’s real!

The wedding was private and in a hotel room and the person who married them a Cher Impersonator a mobile preacher who comes where you are she also is a Cher impersonator in Las Vegas!

Faith’s family was not happy and they like you were blindsided by the relationship but do two grown people need approval to get married NO!

Past cheating has been on national tv so can you blame folks for being mad well MIMI wasn’t she said she wished them well she truly seems to not care she now see’s Stevie J cannot be loyal to anyone not even his kids from how the show depicts him that is..

Stevie seems like an okay dude he needs a women who can keep him grounded we have Faith that Ms Evans is that person!

Question is will the real Ms Jordan please stand up Joseline’s marriage to him is fake and it proves you can’t make a man respect you if your the other women!

Faith has money and she still can sing her ass off ,shouldn’t she worried about the child support there is alot going on and he has another woman pregnant ?

Problem is this man is damaged goods and like Toni Braxton guess Faith thinks she can  make him act right Prayers everyone!

Read our next post on what is going down with his new alleged baby momma due in October of this year!

Next see what his babies Momma’s think…

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