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“Exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Share a Tender Moment: A Testament to Their Unbreakable Bond

Jennifer Lopez shares her Wedding photos with Ben Affleck one year after they married, we all know if you were around that time the marriage of Ben and Jen didn’t seem as if it would ever not happen but she didn’t give up –it appears she has her knight in shining armor. Jennifer Lopez was last cohabitating with Alex Rodriguez seemed like the odd couple many believed it was a setup and could have been from their public relationship made up to get more interest in them before she moved on swiftly to Ben Affleck.

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Marc Anthony then to Jasper her ex-boyfriend dancer she has been married three times we sure hope three times is a charm with Jennifer Lopez!

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first met in 2002 on the set of their movie Gigli. At the time, Jennifer Lopez was married to her second husband, Cris Judd, but she eventually divorced him in 2003. Shortly after her divorce, Lopez and Affleck went public with their romance1. They quickly became one of the biggest couples in Hollywood and were affectionately referred to as “Bennifer” by the media.


Why did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Get back together?

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Fans and onlookers thought it was a made-up love interest guess we will never know. Before, Jennifer’s last relationship was with Casper a backup dancer after her philandering husband Marc Antony who was said to have relations with Jada Pinkett Smith on the TV show Hawthorne which was cancelled after the rumors flew online and offline.

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The most shocking thing is Jennifer Garner has been called a “Homewrecker” after being seen snuggling up with her ex. I wonder what people think of the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Ben are back together now the tables have turned because Ben married Jen instead. Fans believe that Ben Affleck is a cheating drunk.

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Ben Affleck has and always will have love for his ex-wife, Ben just wasn’t in love with her as he has been with Jenny from the block. Cultural differences rumors were swirling in the late ninety’s about how Ben’s mother did not want to him be married to a Latina. I am not surprised and yet now that she is a successful woman back I guess it’s okay now or is it?


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Jennifer believed there was always love there and she would never hide that according to her interview. It is interesting because she has had so many partners since their breakup and yet now they ended up back together. In the past there were rumors Ben’s mother did not accept her because of her Afro-Latina roots, I guess now that she is so well off it doesn’t matter anymore.


Will Ben Affleck Stay faithful to Jennifer Lopez? 

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Hey, did you see the pics of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner getting cozy in a car in LA? They were all over the internet, and people are freaking out about their possible reunion. But hold your horses, folks.


These snaps only capture a split second of their lives, and they don’t mean they’re back on track. They could be just friends, or maybe they’re working on something together. Who knows? What we do know is that they’re both awesome actors and parents, and we wish them all the best. No matter what happens, we’ll always have love for Bennifer!

Ben Affleck has been quiet no more drunkard photos and it appears he and Jen are still married so let’s see what happens with the Batman writer will he pull a Bruce Wayne and be back to his old ways when he was hanging with Tom Brady?

Ben has had a drinking problem in the past if you do not remember his Halloween Meme he can’t even walk. His sobriety is important to his ex more than his now wife because Jennifer Lopez has now launched a new alcohol.

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One could speculate he just was not happy with his marriage to Jennifer Garner he made some comments that raised an eyebrow. Ben and Jennifer are parenting jointly amicably despite their divorce.

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He revealed that he felt “trapped” in his marriage to Garner and that he would have continued drinking if they had stayed together . Affleck and Garner were married for 10 years before they announced their separation in 2015 and filed for divorce in 2017. They have three children together: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.


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