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Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle Versus Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton


Meghan Markle has been the talk of the town ever since she married Prince Harry this last summer the wedding had the likes of Victoria Beckham and Priyankra Chopra and many more celebrities attended bad part of it her sister Samantha or her father or brother where not in attendance which has proven a mistake in some people eyes while some think that it was wrong for her sister to cash in on her sister being on television  shows and revealing that Meghan,  is not as she seems but she is not the only one who may have thrown shade.
The Duchess and Duke of Sussex have arrived
Kate is now been replaced by Meghan Harrys wife

Meghan,  has a new Family Now but should she be so quick to discard her father and other sibling’s ?


Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex ,  is a mixed raced women and she is elegant with dark hair and pretty freckles and course beautiful hair that looks fabulous she has best  of both worlds but she looks exotic she started on suits as a suitcase girl and has been in a movie two plus suits then she married the Prince of wales Harry who is now her husband rumors have swirled that Kate does not like Meghan some believe because she is the center of attention,Kate has had so many kids we have lost count she is always pregnant.



Kate and William will become King and Queen and Meghan a Duchess some have said the honor will not be given to her child that she is carrying but this could be speculation.

It baffles us that Kate Middleton,would not want to be a better person and welcome Meghan in could it be because Meghan is getting more attention as she once did ?

Meghan is pregnant and will make history but Kate will be Queen so why does she care ? It is beneath her status to care but she sure was side eyeing Meghan during the wedding some say she wore the wedding white color out of spite. News has been reported by Daily Mail UK that  William does not like Meghan Markle but how can Harry be the third wheel forever?

Harry has always been a jokster but now Meghan has made him a man see how Kate seems so happy here with Harry in the past

Kate and Meghan are clearly two different people maybe Kate should take acting lessons from Meghan Markle. Women sometimes feel threatened by a more beautiful women with Meghan being so worldly and being a” down to earth “person she has a lot of women who want to wear what she wears just as Kate does it seems strange that Kate would be a enemies but it doesn’t surprise onlookers.


Harry and Kate Relationship is why Meghan Markle also may not feel comfortable.Prince Harry has stood behind Kate in a scandalous way he may have been telling a joke but it seems like they are too close if you ask some people on the other hand maybe they love each other as sister and brother only.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan,  will give birth this Spring amid royal drama with dad and Kate.

Before Meghan Markle Kate was the It GIRl

We think it is jealously because Kate was  in love with Harry and had to Marry Prince William Harry is 6th in line for the throne not even close enough to think about but its clear Harry and Meghan loved by the people because Kate and William looks  boring and robotic.

Prince William has always had Harry around since his mother died the boys have been inseparable but now as they  separated due to Meghan;s arrival some say the waters were poisoned before Meghan Met William,

Suits was the Past now look at Meghan Now

There was a private conversations, between the brothers where William questions harry s moving to fast with the Us actress but why should he care he has his own wife to worry about and the little hair he still has on top of his head.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 19: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry arrive at the Imperial War Museum for The Sun annual ‘Millies’ awards, where British service people are honoured, on December 19, 2011 in London, England. (Photo by Rota/ Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

The truth is Harry is with Megan sorry William and Katherine you got married for power and the people love Harry and Meghan more.


Kate seems to look Harry right in the eyes this is also shows her smile being so big .. she doesnt look happy with even William this way.

The problem is not just Meghan some say it is her skin color that Kate and William an alleged  racist  we believe he is just jealous . Meghan is the more than a marriage Meghan could be the  key in getting business done in the African Countries they mine their diamonds out of but this is our own speculation not a fact but it could be telling of why they need her so bad.Royal expert say the Queen loves Meghan more on this in our Royal report.

The couple lived at Nottingham Cottage since their engagement last year.

“Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highness’s and they are grateful that their official residence will be on the estate.”

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