Drakes Dad Dennis Graham has said Drake lied to sell records!

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Drakes, dad actually said that his own son lied about his relationship with him to sell records, this has always been a suspicion but we all know sometimes some rappers are spectators who are involved with people who live that life and then as their fame grows they have an ability to make that life they pictured into reality.

Drake was a product of an interracial marriage being he has his dad’s last name and so does his mother Dennis Graham has spoken out against his own flesh and blood.

Drake is a talented guy able to sing and rap at the same time and he has had hit after hit and even till present day has never stopped making music he also is an actor and he also had another rapper by the name of Pusha T put out some stories about Aubrey Graham that even drake himself would smirk at but he that’s what being a rapper is about, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, Biggie and Pac and so on and so forth you get what I am trying to say here this is the music industry and this is always how people sell records.
Drakes made it seem as if his father was absent but in reality, Dennis claims this could be further from the truth.

What do you think of this new admission from Drakes’s own Dad saying he never was an absentee father?


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