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Drake Commanded to Sit for Deposition Hearing of XXXTention Murder

drake XXXtencion
murder case heats up in regards to murder case

Multi platinum Canadian rapper Drake, has missed the last hearing in January so Drake has been court ordered to sit for the next hearing. Here are the reasons he has to come to the court.

Defense investigation did not look into the feud with Drake and XXXtencions feud before his untimely death.

Prosecution said there is no evidence of Drake being linked to the shooting of the rapper.

Independent rapper XXXtencion later died on June 18, 2028 at only 20 years of age as a result of a robbery

110 Rip xxxtacion ideas | x picture, love u forever, miss x

On the opening day of the trial three men linked to the murder of XXXtencion claim Drake might be linked question is how? Prosecutors are baffled as to how Drake is involved and feel the fact he is being mentioned is egregious. Prosecution has worked hard according to TMZ to depose Drake to appear in court by order of the Judge.

Drake will need to answer questions via Zoom meeting, should he fail to appear he will be held in contempt of court if he fails to appear by Feb 27, 2023.

Reflecting on Drake's Infamous Stone Island Era

Defense has a fourth man who was in the SUV at the time of the murder of the rapper and has been set to testify against his friends the trial will take place in Broward County in For Lauderdale Florida. Trusted news organization New York Post reported that Prosecution ignored the Drake connection in the case of XXXtencion.

Michael Boatwright 28, is accused of being the shooter, his close friend Trayon Newsome 24, accused of being the other gunman Deidrick Williams 26, was the getaway driver after the three followed the rapper in Florida.

Was Drake involved well we will have our report as soon as we find out if he was able to appear or not keep in mind we are just reporting we keep our ears to the streets!

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