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Donald Trumps Presidency is a Joke Here’s Why..

Sex Scandals Secret Meetings with Putin, Racial Indifference

Donald Trump once rich billionaire now a national joke his racial rhetoric and also his alleged  collusion with Russia  cases and also his sex scandal’s that we feel are inappropriate  while these accusations were personal his ex attorney is now going to be jailed and put into prison for lying about business dealings during the time he was not a President.

Before Trump became our President he was known as a Rich man who happen to inherit a lot of money years ago the central park 5 were his concern he even paid to bring these black men to justice when it all came down to it it was a lie.. read more on the Central Park  Netflix Project underway.

Why Women may not Vote from Trump in 2020


Donald Trump’s infamous video with Billy Bush, when he said he will go up and grab a women private areas without asking was downright disgusting and disrespectful the comments he made about Senator of Arizona John  McCain was really a low for being a chief of staff and especially the President.

President Trump, still had not  apologized, for his statements and he still has not to date when he has never served in the Military for this reason his rich father who owned real estate properties had some influence and it is alleged he was given a pass instead of serving he was pardoned which sounds as if his father used his prestige to get him out of going to the war at the time many men who were not privileged had to go to the war.

Donald Trump has also shown a high level of nepotism with his son  Donald Trump Jr  and Ivanka Trump his daughter holding offices in the White House when no other Presidents have done this in the past he is seen as a factious compared to Hitler and Putin as if this is normal for a sitting President he insist’s he innocent and the Mueller investigation is nothing more than a Witch Hunt.

Donald Trump made several promises he could not keep and he has told multiple lies we have a image of all his lies he had told this far.

There is more to this than just the lies…. he also has said a lot of negative stereotypes about Mexican people coming illegally and it caused a big problem interesting thing is the vote for him  for the Hispanic ethnic group was higher than it was for any other minority group then we found out there may have been tampering in the voting system and trump allegedly cheated and won the Presidential election.

The Kanye West visit was strange but he did this to win over those who follow Kanye in my opinion. Trump claims this also is a lie and he never colluded with Russia but we have footage of him saying Russia if you can hear me .and this was after he met allegedly with a source that provided the wiki leaks articles exposing his opponent Hilary Clinton.

Question is why would he cheat when he could be caught what are your thoughts is this unfair treatment of the US President or Karma for his actions ?


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