Donald Trumps Government Shut Down Is not Over Yet…

Our President Donald Trump’s shutdown has ended but reports are in where not out the woods just yet Reports are in that Trump is giving the Democrats three weeks to come up with the plan to build that wall.

Political analysts on CNN FOX News plus more are saying that Trump has something to hide but without a any confefe were unsure…😜

Trumps speech to reopen the government just days after the FBI stated that security issues will happen due to the government shut down some not working far as long as 30 days.

Issue is Donald Trump has been undermined by the media on every step of the way.. He even went as far to say he never said Mexico would bill the wall. Evidence keeps piling with Mueller and the special counsel this week Trump Properties fired illegal workers who have been working for him for decades.

El Chapo has tunnels so why hasn’t the President figured out in Arizona there are Tunnels that are dug and built to traffic drugs news reports also say his ideas on duck tape and other crimes are based on a TV Show not real life events.The border wall is half of Trumps problems… He needs to really think about what he has done to prove voters made the right choice.

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