Did Jay Sell Out to the NFL ?

Kaepernick has not been drafted and Jay said we are passed kneeling really? Now maybe it is just me but doesn’t it seems some people do anything for the money?

Dame Dash had to chime in and he did say what he thought of Jay publicly!

In the past Dame has said there has been times Jay has told someone not to do it no matter if it was business a women and he would later do what he told you not to do, His strategy was to pretend like it was a bad choice Dame also said Jay would sleep with his love interests and side pieces at the same time not to mention Jay left Dame Dash behind and become a millionaire so there is bad blood.



Kaepernick has been banned from the NFL and now Antonio Brown the difference is here is Colin did not call his owner a cracker he never did anything to the majority that would ban him from playing in the NFL.


No Jumper podcast were Dame Dash said Jay ain’t Sh** we are not lying this is all his own words…Jay-Z,  signed Meghan the Stallion and Meek Mill to Roc Nation management many people are concerned that Jay is not the man we all thought he was but of course he will take the bag!



During the press conference Charlemagne from the Breakfast Club had some hard questions for Jay at the NFL press conference and also many more people had their two cents to say about the newly noted Billionaire ex drug dealer turned rapper to mogul to business man.


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