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David Schwimmer Look Alike Robs Stores


David Schwimmer Proves He’s Not The Wanted Thief Who Looks Like Ross From ‘Friends’

The case of who it really was has already been done and over with but the internet does not believe Blackpool England’s investigators in this crime.


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Actor David Schwimmer played Ross  Geller in 90’s sitcom Friends which is popular today my 13 year old watched it so I know it is still alive and kicking it was the next Seinfeld for younger generations and it was relatable when you move out of the house and go to college date and marry with the same circle of friends it also provided them roles in movies and tv commercial the only ones to survive where Jennifer Aniston and a few other cast mates appear at events in Hollywood but are not in the business of acting as much due to decline in interest.


He has responded laughing stating it was Ross not him but the internet have seen the video and they are not buying it does he have a twin running around?


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  1. charlie August 11, 2019

    Dude looks just like ross so its not like its wrong to be mistaken


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