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Dana Chanel and Prince Donell Exposed as Scammers?

Dana Chanel and Prince Donell the new scammers?

According to many alleged victims of Dana Chanel she didn’t have a sprinkle of guilt as she is still charging thousands a month for a app building service she has never delivered!
The bad thing is the couple has used God to paint their scam into the light of Jesus with their SPRINKLE OF JESUS APP its a bible based app for believers.
The problem isn’t her faith there’s l a problem with her lies according to her accuser’s the FTC is investigation has allegedly started but the problem is no one has heard from the couple since the shade room article.
Dana Chanal is  a social media charlatan and her man is also suspect.
 We did our research the Jumping  Jack Taxes and Alakazzam app $5000 charges that victims cannot turn off the couple are accused of not delivering of service and to top it all off Dana Chanel is not her real name.

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