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Damon Dash: “Empire” was taken from my life story

Lucious Lyon on  Fox musical series Empire has many men who claim their story came from their lives but of all the people i can say Damon dash is a great example.

The only difference is he was not a rapper or a singer he claims he felt rapping is corny but he made a shit ton of cash on corny…

Damon Dash was just about to marry Aaliyah then she died later we found out there was  love triangle with Jay Z but once bey came along things changed a bit and then this was dames time to get the girl he wanted.

According to Dame Dash- Empire is a exaggerated version of some things he remembers from his past in the music industry but he also spoke about the show and at the time he did not speak ill of Lee daniels and this was when he was still owed he money he also said he made three movies with lee daniels in the past.

He also spoke on the issue of the minister and his dealings with the bible and he spoke about the selling of items and Donald Trump is a name a brand he doesn’t need to create the items. So with that said Damon is a businessman who invests into projects.

During a sway interview the same year he spoke about direct consumer relationship and starting his own content on the site and no one else’s and it is $5 per membership per month.

Monique should make a movie with Damon Dash and get at least a million.

a Lawsuit, was spoke about at Sway in the morning in “2015”
He also mentioned Lee told him we  gonna stick together!

It’s been reported that a movie he didn’t want to get behind made 10 Million dollars the in  film  he didnt work with Lee with was “Shadow Boxer starring,Cuba Gooding Jr. film dame wasn’t feeling the script so he said no thanks.

So Dame Dash,  had a pass on  the project then precious came out and Lee went Missing.

Dame was mad cause Lee made enough money to pay back but didn’t so he was upset about that and told Lee Bitch Betta have My money or that 2 million will turn in to 5 million 10 years interest on the outstanding amount not paid Lee also said the films Dame invested in did not make money.

Its clear Dame, didn’t want to fight it but a ten year debt c’mon now!

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